Apps for Busness Management

There is an app for virtually everything, and business management is no exception.  Your smart phone or iPad can do a lot more than make calls and send emails. If you struggle keeping all the balls in the air while on the go, then consider taking advantage of apps available for free or nearly free.  Here are some tips to find the best apps for you.

  1. Keep it simple.  Focus first on one or two areas where you need extra help, such as contact management or time-keeping.  The point of using an app is to simplify some tasks so you can focus on others.  An app that requires a truckload of input from you might prove to be more of a time-waster than a helper. 
  2. Browse apps to see which features appeal to you most.  If you want your commute time to be more productive, try a dictation app like Dragon Dictation.  Other apps such as Dropbox allow you to store files in the cloud and retrieve them from any computer or other compatible device and share them with other people you select. Time Master and HoursTracker are popular time-keeping apps.  Or, if finding time to generate and send invoices is your biggest dilemma, consider billing apps such as Invoice2go Lite, Timewerks, GetPaid!, or Billings Touch. 
  3. Choose an app that won’t break the bank.  There are many good apps available for less than $10.  Even apps that cost more often offer a free or inexpensive trial version you can take for a test drive.  Free versions often include “Lite” in the app title.  Try the cheaper version first to see if the app is a good fit for you.

When you start browsing apps, you may be surprised to see just how many are available.  Remember to look under several categories in your app store, such as business, productivity, and reference.  Any app that saves you time, even on personal tasks, can help improve your efficiency and productivity.

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