Recently, a passenger traveling on a Southwest Airlines flight asked the flight attendant for hot tea.  The attendant followed standard protocol and gave the passenger a cup of hot water from the designated dispenser, along with a tea bag.  The passenger spilled the hot water on herself, suffering second degree burns and blisters.  She has sued Southwest for negligence, claiming $800,000 in damages.  Southwest denies the claim and states it was the passenger’s own negligence that caused the accident.

Only time will tell whether Southwest was right or wrong, but this case is a good example of why you should carry liability insurance for your business. Business liability insurance pays for claims by third parties for loss, damage or injury if your business is found liable.  It also covers, up to policy limits, your legal expenses and the medical expenses of third parties injured on your business premises in some types of cases.

There are other types of insurance options available depending on your particular industry or the nature of your business. If you need assistance deciding what type and how much insurance your business needs, or help with other matters related to managing your business, the attorneys at the Scolieri Law Group, P.C. can help.  Located in western Pennsylvania, our attorneys are experienced in Pennsylvania business law and can advise you regarding your potential liability exposure, as well as recommend agencies in your area.  Contact us today at (412)765-0546 or via email at