Why Everyone Needs An Estate Plan

Establishing an estate plan early and readjusting it as needed throughout your lifetime can help you prepare for the future and leave a legacy for the people you love. This Bankrate article looks the importance of an estate plan.

Flexible Offices Start with People

It’s time to broaden the definition of a flexible office. Focusing on furniture and partitions alone loses sight of one essential element—humans. A successful workplace is designed for a variety of people by offering a variety of spaces. Learn how...

The Assistance and Service Animal Integrity Act

Emotional support animals have been a source of contention between landlords and tenants since their recognition. Landlords have experienced great difficulty with trying to verify the legitimacy of an emotional support animal due to websites dedicated to providing fake emotional support animal documentation, and entire articles and blogs on ways to fool your landlord into […]

When Is Representation Required In Landlord-Tenant Cases?

It is no big secret that Pennsylvania is not regarded as being an especially landlord-friendly state. I have represented many out-of-state clients either directly or through their counsel, and many are surprised to learn of the law and procedures in our state. In May of 2017 an important case was decided by the Pennsylvania Superior […]

Real Estate Myths Debunked

Commercial real estate is a complex industry, but there are still some basic rules and trends that guide how it operates. Read “Six Commercial Real Estate Myths Debunked” to learn more.

Bringing On A Silent Partner

Before you accept financing or sign an investing agreement, be sure you know how to protect your company and get what you want out of the deal. Here is a look at “3 Ways to Bring On a Silent Partner“.


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